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Butter Chunker Vs Chairman Sex: Which One You Should Prefer Most With Kadiri Escort

After all, everybody loves to fuck a hot and sexy girl like that of Kadiri escort? Literally, nobody can be that much fool, and if you are in Kadiri, you may probably have booked a hot and sexy girl yet, but one of the major problems that you may face soon is to choose the best sex position that may please you the most. You may get confused that, which sex position you should try, and which one is better to avoid. In order to help you in this regard, here I am comparing the two most common and well-known sex positions that are Butter Chunker and the Chairman sex. Reading this blog will help you in choosing the best out of these two. Let’s have a look

The Chairman Sex, And How To Do It.

Doing sex in this position is quite simple, and you just need to follow a few simple steps in order to better enjoy this amazing sex position.

  1. This sex should be started with some erotic and interesting talks with the young lady that you have hired from any best escort agency in Kadiri. The main aim to start the erotic conversation is to make her feel comfortable with you before you start fucking her
  2. Once, she gets comfortable with you, you should remove her dress, and your dress as well so that you both may get nude to better enjoy the sex. Now, it’s time to enjoy some foreplay, and the better you play the foreplay the better you and the Kadiri call girl may get excited and warmed for the sex.
  3. After that, the male partner should sit normally on a chair, and the female partner should sit over the male partner in such a way that her vaginal hole should be just above the dick of the male partner, her back should be facing the front of the male partner, and both the legs of the male partner should be in between both the legs of the female partner. The female partner should be in a slightly standing position.
  4. Once both the partners have taken the required sex position, the male partner should continue doing the foreplay for a while, and after that, he may start fucking.

Ok, now, let’s see how the Butter Chunker sex is different, and the steps you must follow to enjoy it in a better way.

Butter Chunker

  1. Well, steps 1 to 3, what I have already mentioned above, happens in every sex position, and the case here is the same.
  2. Once the sexy Kadiri escort gets warmed and excited enough to take your dick, you should ask her to lie down on the bed in such a way that her back should be facing the bed, and then to lift her body up in such a position that only her shoulder and head should be touching the bed, and rest of the body parts should be standing horizontal.
  3. Now, ask her to fold the leg, making the shape the same as that of a chair. Now, you may adjust your dick at her vaginal hole, and you may enjoy the fucking after that.

OK, now after going through this blog decide the best one for you, hire the best Kadiri call girl from any best escort agency in Kadiri, and make your nights more lustful and pleasing.