How can you manage your Sex Life in Corona Virus unlock period?

Sex Life in Corona Virus

How can you manage your Sex Life in Corona Virus unlock period?

We know how COVID-19 or Coronavirus has vastly changed the personal, social, and economic, Sex Life in Corona of people. Wearing masks, frequent hand washing, use of sanitizers, and mandatory social distancing have created an unusual lifestyle. People have to live with the lurking fear that the virus is waiting to infect you any time if you lower the guard. 

Prolonged isolation, heightened tension, anxiety, depression, frustration, and boredom, and choked socialization affected the good Sex Life in Corona.

Sex stimulates the release of dopamine, endorphins, and oxytocin, and other hormones to give a feel-good following the release of sexual energy. But reduced sex has affected that feel good. The stringent shutdown from late March to gradual unlocking since June has slightly smoothened life but educational and entertainment centers are still not open. 

Safe Sex in Corona VirusSex and love in the time of Covid-19 have come under strain than imagined. Contrary to speculations about baby booms reality was scanty sex as loneliness was frustrating and forced bonding did not engage in extensive sex. The Kinsey researchers found people as less active than they were before.

Since COVID-19 is a respiratory syndrome, the epidemic has unleashed excessive anxiety, fears, depression, anger, guilt, pain, and loss, in addition to post-traumatic stress and stigma. The contagion has reduced physical contact among couples, from simple kissing to full sexual intercourse

The limitation of space and the obligation to share every moment of the day also exacerbated tensions and weakened the couple’s bond. 

Safe Sex Life in Corona guidelines

Several agencies and scholars have studied the barriers to sex life during the COVID -19 lockdown and the aftermath. Harvard Medical School and the American Sexual Health Association (ASHA) issued safe Sex Life in Corona guidelines to cope with disease anxiety, for staying safe and continue to enjoy the pleasure of sex as restrictions are eased. 

The advice includes having sex with the most reliable sex partner. The partner must be in good health without any signs of COVID-19 or other health issues. It suggests the use of condoms and contraceptives to avoid unwanted pregnancy and sexual diseases.

However, people are adding spice to keep sex activity high. They are expanding the sexual repertoire with new positions, sharing fantasies, watching pornography, and cybersex. 

Tips for safe Sex

Sex Life in CoronaVirusThese are some ways to lower the chances of being exposed to COVID-19 during sex with others: Check whether the partner is unwell or suffering from any symptoms of COVID-19. If it is not your spouse, take the contact information so that you can reach out in case any symptom develops later on.

It is important to wash the body with soap and water before and after sex, Make sure the hands are washed with soap and water for at least half a minute. If you are using sex toys wash them thoroughly. Some may be cleaned with water and mild unscented soap. Never share the toys with multiple partners. Wear a face mask to avoid the risk of heavy breathing emits droplets that may transmit the virus. 

Even if you are passionate, restrain kissing too much and skip actions like saliva exchange and tongue dueling.

Also in the area of sexual positions avoid face-to-face rubbing. At the precautionary front, using condoms, and dental dams can reduce contact with saliva, semen, and other genital fluids during sex.

COVID-19 changed social relations as more restrictions and fear of the contagion spreading thwarted social interactions like parties. Parallelly, depression and anxiety reduced desire and libido. 

According to a Delhi Escorts Woman, she was aware her husband had many affairs. But the lockdown forced him to have sex with his wife many times. They had sex after several drinks and he wants it regularly. As unlocking has picked up pace and movement of people with precautions has started. It has changed the way sex professionals work.

Lockdown has pushed many clients into self-distancing and consequently, the fun rate has come down. But online booking and demand for quick sex without hard penetration are up. A report said an ex escort saying that she gets many requests for fetish physical acts like hand jobs that she does with all precautions.

Sex services may have paused a bit from the lockdown. But it is likely to be back to pre lockdown levels with all precautions.

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