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Heard about Palam? Oh, do you need to visit the area due to some urgent office work? Then, it will be an all-interesting journey back and forth. However, if you haven't already known about the palace then know that Palam is a significant suburb in the south-western part of Delhi.

Also famous as a residential colony in South-West Delhi, Palam is frequented by tourists all the year round. With roads and highways well-connected with the place and abundance of transportation, Palam easily is one of the most loved areas in that part of Delhi.

The Indira Gandhi International airport is pretty near to Palam. For all those you didn’t know this fact, it was originally Palam airport, which is now known as the Indira Gandhi International airport. It still remains as the primary airport of the Delhi National Capital Region and of Palam. And for this reason, a lot of tourists and foreigners also make their way through to Palam.

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